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Annual Fund...Supporting our Students
A special fund has been established by the administration and school board to fund specific priorities during the school year not funded from the operating budget.

1. Naviance Program - A 6th - 12th grade online curriculum that guides students in college and career choices. It matches interest inventories with college and career information and guides MS and HS students in their preparation for future goals.

2. Sensory Room Equipment - CHCS would like to begin purchasing the equipment needed to equip a sensory room for our students. A sensory room is a special room designed to develop a person's senses, usually through special lighting, music, and objects.

3. Soccer Field Improvements - CHCS would like to install a french drain near the soccer field to provide better drainage during rainy weather. Currently, water tends to pool on the field and takes days to drain, making the field unuseable.CHCS would also like to fence the remaining two sides of the soccer field, allowing us to have a large enclosed area for emergency checkout of students if needed in a crisis situation.

4. Security - With additional funding, CHCS would like to continue updating the safety features of the school campus. We currently need additional security cameras, NVR, and new emergency access control devices.

5. Playground Updates - CHCS would like to install additional updates to our playgrounds. These updates could include additional storage containers, benches, safety gates, etc.

Your gift to the Annual Fund supports our continuing quest for excellence. Our hope is that we can stand united as a school community with everyone participating in this opportunity for school improvement!

To make a secure gift online, just click on the button below. You can make a donation to the Annual Fund in general or you can chose to make a donation to one of the specific areas listed. Thank you for your investment in College Heights Christian School!
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